Rebuilding the temple for the new year and getting jacked in the process

December 2022

Shameless self-promotion and yet another substack to subscribe to

November 2022

The subtle expression of cosmic Truth hides in plain sight

October 2022

A filler episode in season 2 is stuffed with esoteric symbolism
being an account of the time my Holy Guardian Angel said 'hey'

August 2022

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only do what thou wilt
Part 3: Character Creation
Part 2: One Face, Many Masks
Part 1: "I'll reveal your true form!"

July 2022

Well, that was an unexpected amount of interest!
Download it, read it, and enjoy it, you cowards!

May 2022

A weird experience with retro-causality and a trickster spirit of Islam