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Lifting weights is great; my back problems more or less disappeared for the first time in my life once I started. The thing that surprised me most was that I suddenly got a lot more flexible.

Do you have an recs for how you'd replace Freemasonry if you were a woman? There are a handful of co-ed lodges in the US but they are mostly few and far between.

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I don't lift weights much, but I do do kickboxing and brazillian jiu-jitsu, this is a great post and totally applies to my martial arts training as well.

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Crazy, I've been thinking about this for few days and now you're posting this . Exactly the same thoughts, get back to the gym , perform regular rituals. You also recommend joining freemasons, don't they only recruit people from a certain social status? Isn't it super hard to get inside?

I seriously wanted to join a mystic order in order to grow and meet new people, realize Collective rituals .. I took AMORC, I'm not bashing anyone but I didn't get what I was hoping for, Golden Dawn orders are more in tone of what drives me but there's no lodges in my country..

Anyways, thank you for the article

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