Why would I ever want to read this?

…is what you’re probably asking yourself right now. I have some easy answers for you and I’ll even give them to you for free! Who loves ya? That’s right. This guy. Remember that at my sentencing hearing.

Here’s the thing.

I offer modern occult philosophy, thought, and editorial on Ceremonial Magic and the Western Esoteric Tradition with a laid back, easy-going voice for everyone. I also write about the paranormal, high-strangeness, and UFOs. I’m too old for Tik-Tok and Youtube is an obnoxious cult of spectacle. But I can write. I am occasionally seized by a thought that I can’t shake and I use this space to hash it out. I’m told that people enjoy reading about it. I also occasionally post ongoing projects and how you can do your own.

I also sometimes post about this gigantic yappy cat with googly eyes and if I’ve learned one thing across the last several years, the internet still loves cats. Classics never die.

Frater Pera and his beastly familiar, Dexter


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Full-stack weirdo. Magician/Exorcist. Foul-mouthed voice of the occult and gnosis. באמצעות קסם אני נעשית שלמה.