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I think in general, you have nailed it. Seems to me that Crowley, if the fruits of his labour (i.e. his followers since 1947) are any indication, was a failure, except, perhaps, in his heretics, like Grant, Bill Webb, Jim Leas, Louis Culling and a handful of others, all outlaws

to the very institutions Crowley 'invented". (Actually, they were more a product of Reuss and Randolph/ Mathers and Wesrcott and Woodman, but don't te;ll; anybody')

Contrast this will Phil Dick who was an original thinker that, in a very real sense, has defined the consciousness of the present age, or Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, (daughter of the Anarchist thinker John Godwin and early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft), and mistress/wife of the poet P.B. Shelley, who anticipated the crisis of modernity by a century, and an inspiration for much of modern horror-pathos. And Lovecraft, a dark poet of the evil down underneath the polite lie, inspirational in a variety of ways, and reflective of others.

And Hellier. I don't know what set the Newkirks and company on their path, but, clearly, their influence on what field research is all about, and what initiation is (Hellier has initiated far more people than any so-called 'occult organizations') by initiating themselves and much of their audience in a 21st Century manner not bound up in the long dead past.

Onward, through the gates of the si;ver key to worlds undreamed of.

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Damn, Pera. You smart!

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Haven't read Frankenstein in a long while. I should revisit it in light of your insights of a Sethian creation story for Yaldabaoth. I'm kinda thinking Frankenstein's creation is a combination of the creation of Yaldabaoth and Yaldaboath's creation of Adam's body in Apoc. of John.

If I remember correctly, big F's body is a stew of parts from different bodies. Am I remembering that correctly? Is it just his brain that's different? Anyways, that makes me think of Adam's body bits all being created by a different Archon. Not multiple bodies, but multiple Archons which I think can be seen as different bits of Yaldabaoth.

To get Frankenstein to live and stand up, the good doctor runs electricity thru F's body. This is like Sophia tricking Yaldabaoth to give the light he stole from his mother to his creation, Adam. That's when Adam can stand up, which is some important symbolism in Sethianism I have yet to grok.

Anyways, there's one or two other thoughts spilling out of my head about this comparison. Thanks for the poke to the brain, brother!

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There are more and even tighter connections between Frankenstein and Freemasonry, such as Dr Viktor Frankenstein was at the same University of Ingolstadt as Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Illuminati, and not much later. Both wanted to create "the New Man." And then there is all that October 1907 synchronicity between Crowley's Holy Books ("Tutulu") on the one side and "The Call of Cthulhu" on the other. (I wrote about that in "The Dark Lord".)

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Tropical/volcanic hell o occultists from around the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano and Lagoon in Nicaragua. Can I join your Hellfire Club as a soldier of Christ in the first row on the battlefield called life, where life is not a word but a sentence. One-armed, I am just cannon fodder.

In my previous life, I was the dubbed Czech Hollywood Warrior Priest at Serious Entertainment, aka Czechwizard. I wrote the massive 36-volume Sixth Gospel. Anybody interested ? I can send you a catalog upon request.

Yet my life has dramatically changed for both better and worse. See my Substack, the very first post, how I got here. And then I just went and am going ballistic ....

I recommend these to start ....




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