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This is an amazing piece you did an excellent job of making your point! We are lucky to have such vigilant and outspoken individuals like yourself fighting for the right side of things

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Thanks for this - brilliant writing. I’m so sick of these shrill neo-nazi losers encroaching on northern traditions and tantric left hand teachings to justify their fundamental unworthiness to the entire energetic and physical landscape of the planet. I want to send an army of ḍākinīs on them and see how they handle the wrath of their own inadequacies.

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A note: You may well be aware of this guy. If not, since he's not operative in the occult world, I'm adding this as an addendum. I'm not sure if he invented the term or ran with it, but SF writer Vox Day, aka Theodore Beale, talks about 'sigma males' a lot (hilariously, sort of, he ran an agony column for men for years which was all about being more sigma). As far as I can tell, being sigma means that you're basically a sociopath. Beale's been a Grade A loon in the science fiction community for years and I've had several runs in with him: he went full-on anti-vaxx during Covid and he writes stuff like this - "One day, if Europe survives intact, there will almost certainly be statues raised throughout the continent in honor of Anders Breivik." He defines himself as a Christian (I know) and thus, thank Whoever, is not operative in 2 of my communities, only one.

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Few things:

1. Great work assembling all this together in one spot. I was hearing dribs and drabs through the week and its good to have it collected. It's important.

2. Weiser found out about this at the same time everyone else did. I am a Weiser author and believe they are in the process of addressing this now. They just told me her book is now cancelled. That said, I stand with you against the idea that publishers should be handing out book deals to people based on the number of their Social Media followers. It's a crappy metric.

3. I was also in the EOD, and love that you link some of what has happened in your life back to that initial working. It was a powerful thing.

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Given what transpired in recent months, I would think you'd add another update showing how Outlaw Priestess went back to her nazi shenaningans as soon as the heat cooled off...

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Brown scare proponents always be spinning some paranoid schizo web where even association with someone who said something that sounds like wrongthink once is evidence that someone advocates straight up Nazism. A true demonstration of total intellectual bankruptcy by the author.

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Thank you for sharing this. I had been a member of some discord servers that Georgina was an intrical member of and I had not come across those comments and I had no idea. It's been a long time since I've been active on those servers and even when I was, I wasn't terribly active. Anyway, it's so disappointing. I thought she gave a different perspective on the occult and I was excited to see a woman teaching about the ceremonial side of things. Too bad. Do you know of any non racist creators that would fill this role?

I've been recently researching my Celtic heritage, creating related artwork and I am terrified of getting tangled up with neo-nazi / white nationalists, or accidently using a symbol they've appropriated because there seems to be some cross over. It really pisses me off that I even have to worry about that.

Anyway, thank you for shedding light on this and I hope we as a community can do a better job at spotting and calling out these dangerous people.

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I don't know what is more hilarious, the fact that you are writing about the occult, yet, have no idea about the real meaning of number 1488 and the Black Sun and that those have nothing to do with 20 IQ nazi's because they are part of Wotan's alchemy, or the fact that those degenerates don't know what it means either and they are keep using it because it makes them look edgy in the occult society.

Fucking clowns, all of you, educate yourselves before cursing those archetypes with the trash that your minds vomit out into this world.

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I still don't get it. She did nothing and from what I know some quotes were misinterpreted.

Like those about Crowley reincarnations. I found online at least 3 people claiming to be Crowley reincarnated. I haven't even been looking for them, they just show from time to time on forums and chats with weird claims and this is hilarious. Ipsissimus by definition don't reincarnate anymore antld there is probably dozens of people, maybe he just multiplied? :D

Another one with "I was on the Nazi site": She was interested in Fraternitas Saturni, they operated before and after WW 2. This order is not well known because everything was in German and it's not so popular language as English. I'm not even sure it it all was translated to this day. I don't remember exactly what was są interesting about them, they have different methodology or something. As we all know, in Germany Nazis came to power back then. However it looks like Nazis haven't liked them. From wiki: "In 1936, the Fraternitas Saturni was prohibited by the Nazi regime. Gregorius as well as other leaders of the lodge emigrated in order to avoid imprisonment, but in the course of the war Grosche was arrested for a year by the Nazi government.".

I have heard some of her podcasts and from what I know she was always against hatred, divisions and dyscrymination in occult communities. I think that such people are needed in age of online hatred. She have a lot of knowledge and is doing great job as a help for entry-level occultists. She's very energetic and straightforward, very clever and open-minded. I have seen how it looks like in many entry-level occult groups and communities, often content is just misleading and weak.

It look like people interested in this book cancellation didn't even noticed all of this. So what crime exactly she did? Besides edgy joking a few times and putting knowledge maybe too straightforward for some people, I mean in nonconformative way :? .

I have seen for example man who created I,Hipocrite. He insults people and make theories and claims supporting his "non-modernistic" worldview on a daily basis. Also he spreads propaganda, showing LGBT+, trans people, obese people etc at worst. Why people don't go for him? He dedicated a lot of his work to "fight with progress", check out "You can't stop progress" compilations on YouTube. This content is created to make certain bias towards specyfic group of people. He have real influence and covers it up with "sceptical attitude". Maybe he's also doing some good work too by exposing hypocrites. I don't think anyone will ever go for him. Bebe that's because he's actually powerfully and can put down anyone starting for him?

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Here is a link to the YouTube interview you did with Occult Society. Your readers may find this useful.


That said I think the "facts" surrounding Georgina Rose are preety weak. The interview you gave as well as your presentation here are largely based on speculation and it is possible that the photo evidence of these discord shots are photo shopped.

Any troll could post threatning content to create more drama.

There's not enough here to prove guilt.

Outlaw Princess on the other hand does seem to be courting with right-wing idiology.

Best Regards

Love under law Love under will.

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yes but if "left hand path" is all about destroying taboos in search of psychic freedom than shouldn't this be the least of transgressions for those types of people?

from what I understand, lhp is all about self-centered pleasures, and morally prohibits no action to manifest those desires, so then shouldn't every single lhpr be anticipated to hold covert agendas such as these, regardless of race?

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