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Hey good read, as a Muslim i wanted to make a few corrections.

1. Moses (Musa in Islam) didn't randomly bump into Khidr. He was asked By God(Allah) to go meet him. Story goes, someone asked Moses, who is the smartest person living, and Moses answered i am(him being a prophet who spoke directly to God). So as a result, God lets him know he isn't the smartest & directs him to go find Khidr.

2. Also the name "Khidr" isn't mentioned in the Qu'ran, God refers to him as A loyal/bright servant.

3. I have never heard of anyone comparing Khidr to Dajjal, Antichrist whatsover, that's false. He is considered a smart servant and infact often when he is mentioned, you add (Alayhi As Salaam) meaning peace be upon him, an honor reserved only to prophets.

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Randonautica seems pretty cool ! I'm going to try it for sure !

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You were absolutely right! This adventure was brilliant!

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You were right! This journey was absolutely fascinating! I'm going to include Randonautica in my magical practice. I love that it forces us out of our comfort zone and launches us into a universal adventure that seems to play with both time and space. The symbology of the quests is remarkable.

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โ€œItโ€™s a particularly mystical series of passages and Khidr has passed into Quranic canon as a contentious figure where everyone but the Sufi Muslims seem to connect him to Dajjal, the Islamic anti-Christโ€

Incorrect. Not sure where you got this idea, but itโ€™s quite mistaken. If there are any Muslims who connect al-Khidr with Dajjal at allโ€” I have never heard of oneโ€” theirs is an extremely marginal opinion.

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