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Holy cannoli... I had no idea about some of this nonsense. Not one. Probably because I don't doomscroll Twitter like I should, and Facetube is a crashing bore. And TikTok? I prefer being behind a camera, not in front of it, showing off my nonexistent eyeliner flicks. I depend on my diverse peers to keep me abreast of what is going on.

As for writing, I do it because I must. It's an itch that has to be scratched, which is why when I do haunt Twitter (heh!), I'll pop in on the occasional thread, say a thing or two, then disappear in a puff of pixels. This is the way for the Teacher Who Appears- and Disappears. Disappearing is the most important part. If people want to talk to me, they can tag me. If not, no bruised ego. I'm not huge into audiences or post reach or any of that stuff, but I can say that my audience is mostly actual people. At least, according to my bot-checking app, which also lets me vet people in the comments.

I used to make book money by being an Amazon Associate yonks ago, but that ended because my state decided to tax them. I might try doing that again sometime when I get my digital ducks in a row with a better website and all. I was on Medium for a while, then they took me off their payable list (after I earned a stunning $.83) because I wasn't actively recruiting followers. They wanted a minimum of 100. Yeah, no.

Honestly, I find the whole idea of influencers slightly nauseating. Maybe that's the introvert in me. I'd rather just be my cantankerous self. A Sage with a hint of garlic, or Crone with a dash of cayenne.

But back to the subject at hand... I know enough about Thelema to stay the heck away from it. Not because it's dangerous (let's ignore Uncle Al's wicked little booby traps for now), but because it serves as an excellent sticky trap for ego-driven horndogs of all sexes to get stuck in, do cosplay, and pretend they're some flavor of High Poobah. And as we can see, Uncle Al's wicked little booby traps really work- the evidence is all over TikTok. And that includes Ms. Rose. Her Saturn Return should be an interesting event, bless her heart. It might send her yelping back to Jesus, like so many other wannabe Ceremonials before her. The main downside will be cleaning up after that, but I'll leave that to the Journeyman level of itenerent Mages.

It's stuff like this that makes me very glad that I didn't have the Internet around when I was a kidlet. I thought I knew everything, too. Happily, the Universe corrected my course, and I survived to tell about it. Hubris has a way of evening the playing field.

Thanks about the warnings of people who want to turn people like us into money grubbers. I might have a bit of fun with any who might come calling, like I used to do with those fake "Windows" scammers who wanted to 'fix' my computer. I doubt that they will, though- I barely bust the noise floor on the Socials.

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I too think it’s unfortunate and unfair that our generation got shit on the most. Astronomical student loans and interest rates suffocate us. The promise our parents gave us of getting a good job after college shaped our dreams but came crashing down with the stock market and lack of jobs.

We were in the middle of before and after the internet. We were raised with the notions of how life was before the internet but the world was already completely changing before we were even adults. It sucks.

Younger generations are taught how to navigate the internet and apps in school. It’s second nature to them, not us. They do what’s natural to them.

that’s how how the world is now and will continue to move, including businesses, which weiser is.

I think that’s why they find us to be bitter.

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